Upcoming Events:

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Recent Events:

6-12 April - Intersections performed by Little Giant Chamber Orchestra (Taipei) at Souther Illinois University, Rice University and UC-Santa Barbra

17 December - Praxis premiere at Museum Fine Arts Houston "Stop, Look and Listen" for Violin, Flute, Bassoon, Guitar and Percussion commissioned byDa Camera Young Artist Program

4 November - Narrative with Incremental Change premiered at Electronic LaTex Music Festival at the University of Texas, Austin with violinist Annie Chen.

7 September - Performance of by mezzo-soprano Abigail Fischer at Resonant Bodies Festival in Brooklyn, NY.

24-27 July 2016 - Presented research and attended "Your Brain on Art" convention on neuroimaging, creativity and art (Cancun, Mexico).

July 2016 - Shane Monds was an Associate Artist in Residence for the Atlantic Center of the Arts under Master Artist Georg Friedrich Haas

26 June 2016 - Premiere of In Translation, a concertino for sheng written for Little Giant Orchestra (Taipei, Taiwan)

12 May 7:30 pm - New work for Precarious exhibition at the Menil Collection (Houston, TX) - commissioned by Da Camera Houston.

23 April 5:30pm - Performance of "Epiphany" for violin and electronics by Giancarlo Latta.

13 April - Performance of "Anticipation (Twilight)" for voice and electronics by mezzo-soprano Abigail Fischer

6 April 8:05pm - In Observance of Dusk: Triptych of Light and Sound for Twilight Ephiphany by James Turell. A continuous one-hour program for acoustic and electronic instruments at dusk - @Turrell Skyspace in Houston, TX.

23 January, 2pm and 3pm - Premiere of No. 11 (Re) at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston by Da Camera Young Artists

30 January 2016 - Performance of No. 11 (Re) at Rothko Chapel, Menil Collection (Houston, TX)

2 November - World Premiere of new piano trio, OUIA by Jun Cho, Ling Ling Huang and Max Geissler at Duncan Recital Hall (Houston, TX).

20 November - Performance and installation of Air Carved by Light in the James Turrell Skyspace in Houston, TX

21 November - Video, Electronics and Cello work Night Song

24 April - The Response premiere | part of Houston Grand Opera Company (HGOco) Song Project

29 April - Night Song for film, 5.1 surround electronics and solo cello | Rice Cinema Screening (6:00 pm)

15 March - 7 Fascinations for sheng and percussion | Part of the 21C Contemporary + Traditional cross-cultural New Music Festival at Rice University | Stude Concert Hall, 12:00pm






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